Renée Sheridan

September 2011

Born a southerner but after marrying Greg, an Air Force pilot, Renée Sheridan spent twenty two years outside of the Deep South before settling in Columbus, Mississippi nine years ago. With her she brought her Mother’s love of gardening along with a lasting gift inspired by her father.


“Using my Jon Gnagy art set, newly delivered by Santa the night before, my father began drawing a cocker spaniel and as I watched his pencil strokes form into the dog, I fell forever in love with the magic of art.


Somewhere along the way, I learned that art is a great communicator and my most memorable artistic movements have been when a piece of my artwork has brought a smile or tears or laughter to the viewer.


Art expands my mind, energizes and delights, lifts my spirit, challenges, exhausts, and drives me balmy. It is my passion and I am grateful to have this opportunity to share it with you.”

Artist Biography

Doodling on the margins of homework papers and the occasional drawing of the school mascot for pep rallies was all the exposure to art Renée Sheridan had in her hometown of Guntersville, Alabama. Then a move to Merritt Island, Florida the summer before her senior year gave her the chance to take classes in a high school with an entire wing devoted to art. This experience motivated her to study commercial art at Auburn University while working as an illustrator for NASA to pay college expenses. After marrying and beginning a family, Renée kept her hand in art by doing free lance illustration, portraits of children and pets and attending workshops by nationally known portrait artists, Ben Konis, John De La Vega, and Herb Mays. 


Since settling in Columbus nine years ago, Renée has worked from a studio above the Princess Theater, her home studio and her "camp" studio in Alabama. In the last twelve months she has been working on her solo show and has illustrated a book of poetry. In the cooler months Renée enjoys cycling around the Golden Triangle with her basket full of art supplies looking for a scene to stop and paint.

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