Bonnie Brumley

August Gallery Exhibition


Ceramics by Bonnie Brumley


Bonnie Brumley is a Mississippi native ceramic artist, currently living in Starkville, MS. She grew up in Laurel, MS, frequenting the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art which had a hand in developing her appreciation for the arts. Over the years, she was introduced to clay through hand building classes at LRMA in the summers. It wasn’t until her time at Mississippi State University that she was able to explore the medium in more depth. After joining the art department at MSU in 2013, she began to fall in love with clay. Bonnie graduated from MSU in the spring of 2015 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, emphasis in ceramics. She has participated in the Cotton District Arts Festival, as well as helped bring about Starkville’s Sunday Funday- a monthly art market from summer to fall which is in it’s second year.


Her work has fluctuated between sculptural and functional over the years. Lately, she has been more dedicated to developing functional pieces. Muted and earth tones are used most often in her glazing. The functional pieces can explore the joy of simplicity, clean lines, and comfortability for the user. Often though, she’ll play with textures, through stamping, carving, or slip, causing the viewer to want to feel the item, pick it up, and move the piece around in their hands. Whether it’s a repeating pattern over a simple form, or clay left bare to feel like stone, she wants the pieces to feel interesting to the touch. Still being somewhat new to clay, her work is constantly evolving and settling into her own style.


She invites you to pick up and touch the work, as it is meant to be used. All work is food, liquid, microwave, and dishwasher safe.