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Send information about an upcoming arts cultural event happening in Columbus and the greater Golden Triangle area to columbus.ms.arts@gmail.com to be featured on this page. Be sure to include a jpg file if you wish for your poster or logo to be included. 

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The Lowndes County Imagination Library’s mission is to strengthen early literacy skills by increasing pre-Kindergarten readiness through books and reading.

This program works by providing a free, quality book each month to children under age 5. These books include literacy tips for parents as well as book-specific activities to engage children as they read. To qualify for the program, children must be under age 5 and reside in Lowndes County. They can register by paper or online. After registering, the children begin to receive books through the mail in 6-8 weeks. They continue to receive books until they move out of the county or reach their 5th birthday. The books are age appropriate and provide valuable book-specific reading tips and activities to engage children and parents.

In order to register, parents can visit www.imaginationlibrary.com and click find my program. Parents can also stop by the Commercial Dispatch or the Columbus Arts Council to fill out a paper registration form. Newborns who are born at Baptist Memorial Hospital and reside in Lowndes County also receive sign up brochures before leaving the hospital.

The local affiliate was started in February 2014 with seed money provided by the Commercial Dispatch. This seed money will provide 3,600 books for children. The Dispatch has partnered with the non-profit Columbus Arts Council to bring this valuable program to Lowndes County. The program is also seeking individual donors, corporate partners, and grants to ensure that Imagination Library has a lasting impact in our area.

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