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Payton Trim

Payton Trim was born November 17th., 1987 in the city of Natchez along the Mississippi River. From an early age, inspiration has always been an integral part of his life. Two of his earliest memories he can recall were that of one of his grandmother’s Camellia flowers and a box of crayons. From the natural to the ethereal, both external and internal muses have captivated him as an artist.

He always tries to see the beauty surrounding him in this world. The beauty of nature, of people, of music and color and light. Its a continous gift all around us. Payton tries to pay respect to that as artist. He finds most of his inspiration to come from the internal. Dreams, specifically, have given him such to express through his work. One of the very first series he began making several years ago was based on the dreams he had experienced of people he had perhaps never met before. From that came a well of inspiration which has only grown over time.

Payton says he feels so fortunate to be able to express life through his work. He believes art has a language all its own. Rooted in emotion, it is an expression everyone can feel when impacted by it. Art has the capability of bringing people together and for presenting questions that only the viewer can answer for themselves. His goal as a creative person is to simply show some of the answers he has found for himself along the way. His life, with all its changes, he has found easiest to understand with a paintbrush in his hand. Payton is so grateful to be able to share that with the world.

“I believe art should give people questions without a guidepost. Leaving them to find the answers through their own emotions. That is what I hope to achieve as an artist.” – Payton Trim

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Main Gallery & Artist Alley: Sharon McConnell-Dickerson – Sculpture/Life-Casting



Main Gallery & Artist Alley: Women’s Art Collective



Main Gallery: Charlie Munoz – Wood, Linda Munoz – Stained glass and mosaic, George Shelton – Wood


Artist Alley: Sean Scott – Painting



Main Gallery: Tim Spanjer – Pop art


Artist Alley: Nancy Scott – Painting/Book release



Main Gallery: Tim Sanjer for first half of the month & Do Good Fund for the second half of the month


Artist Alley: Miriam Omura – Weaving/Quilting



Main Gallery: Do Good Fund – Photography in conjunction with MUW


Artist Alley: Rich Marcks – Painting/chalk drawing

October, November, & December


Main Gallery & Artist Alley: Pruitt Collection –  Photography in conjunction with MUW

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