Volunteer Opportunities

Drink Sales

Provide concession services for CAC events (must be 21 years of age.)

Publicity & Advertising

Street team volunteer is responsible for helping get the word out about upcoming Columbus Arts Council events. You will be contacted anytime we have posters available to be picked up and distributed to downtown and local businesses. Hang them up at your schools, your work place, churches, supermarkets, or anywhere else that it can be publicly displayed. Make sure to inform us as to what places you have placed posters so we are sure not to send other volunteers to those areas that are already covered.  You can also help as a street team volunteer by speaking about upcoming events at any social gathering or meeting that you attend. The Columbus Arts Council will provide the information for you to help promote such events.  You can also help by sharing events on your own personal social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Simply pressing the share button on a CAC status update from our Facebook page onto yours or sharing an upcoming event and inviting your friends would help the CAC get the word out.

CAC Gallery Committee

The Gallery Committee invites artists to exhibit their work in the main gallery of the CAC for one month at a time. Gallery Committee members are liaisons between the artist and the CAC staff, making sure both the artist and staff members have the appropriate information to provide a quality exhibit. The Gallery Committee is also in charge of hanging and taking down the exhibits. 

CAC Gallery 2 Committee

The Gallery 2 Committee invites artists to exhibit their artwork in the sales gallery of the Columbus Arts Council, Gallery 2, as well as juries applications brought in by artists. Gallery 2 Committee members are the liaisons between the artist, the Gallery 2 Committee, as well as CAC staff, making sure to provide all parties the appropriate information to provide a quality sales gallery. The Gallery 2 Committee is also in charge of revamping Gallery 2 every two months which includes switching out old artwork for new pieces.  

Event Organizer

The CAC holds at least four large events every year. We are looking for volunteers who love to plan and organize events to assist the board of directors and staff with planning and implementation of events.

YPAS Usher

Young People's Artist Series (YPAS) Ushers are needed to assist the Program Director with student management at YPAS events. Ushers will ensure that students are seated and quiet so that the show can be enjoyed by all attendees.

Event Set Up

We need your muscles! Strong individuals are needed to set up before events and take down after. This includes moving chairs, tables, and other materials for events at the RAC.

Office Support

Office support volunteers work with the executive assistant. These volunteers will assist visitors in our galleries, answer phones, enter contacts into databases, stuff letters, put labels on mailings and provide any other office support needed. 

Event Support

Event support volunteers assist with gallery receptions and special events. Opportunities include but are not limited to: providing food for receptions, serving food and drinks at events, and greeting and checking in guests. 

Organizing and Cleaning

Volunteers that help us with organizing and cleaning help us to maintain a beautiful facility. 

Jobs can range from organizing art supplies for our classes to cleaning our theater after an event.  


The goal of CAC Internship program is to provide participants the opportunity to experience and learn the interworkings of a nonprofit art gallery and/or nonprofit management. Internships must be approved by the Executive Director.

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