The Future Is Female: Works by Mississippi Women Artists

Sarah Barrett

Sarah Barrett livies near Tupelo, MS. She's a graphic designer by trade but a calligrapher by heart. She owns Sarah B. Calligraphy where she creates calligraphy, paper details, and branding for creative entrepreneurs. Sarah enjoys creating items that can be transitioned from the wedding to the home and loves making a connection with her clients. Her work embraces modern calligraphy and incorporates floral elements. 



April Beasley

Katie McDill

My intention with this body of work is to share my experiences and emotions I felt on my travels. I’ve never really had a love for traveling until in my early 20’s when I first started dating my husband. Chris brought out this passion; to always see something new in me that I didn’t know existed until we took a seven-day road trip through thirteen different states. Early in our relationship we made a promise to each other that we would travel to someplace new every year. Chris was diagnosed with Stage 4 Brain Cancer in 2013 and expressed his yearning for a trip to Ireland, so we started planning. In the summer of 2014 Chris and I went on the trip of a lifetime. We spent 12 days traveling to Ireland, Scotland and England. While on this journey I was captivated by all of the amazingly beautiful architecture, especially the churches. As Chris and I walked through the various places we visited I was eager to document our journey and all of the incredible beauty we were experiencing through my photography. The churches were externally visually appealing therefore it led me inside which evoked a whole new set of emotions for me. The internal organs of the church brought to mind a place of peace, comfort and spirituality. As years passed on, I lost Chris to this vicious disease on February 7, 2016. I decided to keep our promise of traveling somewhere new every year and have traveled to many new places. Just recently I went to New Mexico and thus again found myself gravitating to all of their various churches, not only to photograph to document my travels but to experience all of the same emotions in which they evoke on the inside.


Hayley Gilmore

Hayley Gilmore is a graphic designer living and working in Columbus, Mississippi. She is a graduate of Mississippi University for Women, and she holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in graphic design from the University of Memphis. In 2016, she founded Ladies Who Design, a group that strives to build a strong community of female designers and creators through mentoring, collaborations, and support. 

Her work has been featured on sites like, Buzzfeed, Hello Giggles,, and Vanity Fair. Hayley's work revolves around graphic design in zine making, typography, and contemporary art and design. 

Jennifer Hudson

I am a dreamer, artist and photographer. I am an explorer and friend and lover of turquoise and an afternoon nap in the sun. When not working full-time in ophthalmology, I create images that stem from past and present amateur family life, vacations, and travels from around the world on film, layering pieces to tell stories of your memories and dreams, inspiring the surreal and visceral. 

Jennifer owns Theia Mingo Photo

Lee Kathryn McAnally

Lee's expressive floral and non-objective pieces are created mainly with acrylics and a layering technique. Her subjects are generally floral or abstract. Circles appear quite often, perhaps as a subconscious association with the feminine or its connection to harmony, energy, and power. Florals, also, are a favorite subject and allow her to encompass a range of vibrant colors in her creations. She is inspired by movement, emotion, color combinations, and nature. 

Lee achieves an artwork by layering paints with gel mediums and pastes via a carving tool or a textured brush. Once the work is dry, she often uses vine charcoal or conte crayon for added interest with even more color following. 

As an educator of art, Lee feels that she is forever learning and loves experimenting with new techniques. 

Haley Montgomery

"Edge Of My Seat" by Haley Montgomery

A life-long maker and curious spirit, Haley Montgomery was raised in the small-town, rural South with weekends spent on her grandparents' farm exploring pastures and fencerows, storytelling under the pecan tree, and experiencing the vibrance of ordinary moments. Haley's work in printmaking, painting and paper craft gathers inspiration from those rural Southern roots, seeking to evoke the wonder of nature, the joy of home, and the value of place. 

Haley is a native Mississippian and a graduate of Mississippi State University. She is the owner of Small Pond Graphics, a boutique graphic design and art studio. Haley's design and illustration projects have received numerous awards, and her work has been exhibited in Mississippi, Rhode Island, Maryland, and California. 

In addition to work as a full-time artist, she also serves as Mommy and chief ring-leader to a vibrant three-ring circus. Haley and her three children live in Starkville, Mississippi, and continue to enjoy sojourns to the family farm in rural Noxubee County. 

Katherine Munson

Katherine Munson received her Bachelor's of Fine Art from The Mississippi University for Women in 2009. She currently lives in downtown Columbus with her husband and 2 children, and does freelance graphic design and painting. 

I build low relief "nests" from found objects layered over charcoal drawings and paint. My intent with these nests is to evoke a sense of coming home for the viewer. I create simple narratives by layering silhouettes cut from meaningful papers collected over the years. I've developed graphic and archetypal images, focusing on my interest in nature and growth. 

I am drawn to making my art because I am able to create intentionally secure spaces for me to explore forgotten childhood memories, current voyeuristic desires and future dreams. My art inspires the viewer to push aside frantic, external narratives and redirect their focus on the good, the Pure, and the Lovely. My art continues to be a visual journey of letting go of my expectations of who I thought I was supposed to be and allowing myself to grow in the mystery of who I am made to be. 

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