T.K. Martin Center's EXPRESS! Yourself

"Trapped first by their bodies, then again by the people around them. One massive barrier wall stacked on top of another. The isolation must be crushing. Yet there is that light in their eyes. How had they kept their spirits alive? What would they tell us if they had the power?" -Excerpt from Tim Lefens' book, Flying Colors (2002).  


Several hard copies of Tim Lefens’ book, Flying Colors, about the first-hand experience he has had with the A.R.T. program will be available for sale.


Please click here to learn more about the T.K. Martin Center's EXPRESS! Yourself exhibit. 


Take Time to Appreciate: Photographs by Bruce West

Mrs L.V. Hull, Artist and Philospher

"I first met L. V. Hull in 1999. From my previous travels in Mississippi, I had heard some stories about Mrs. Hull and had seen her artwork in galleries in Oxford and Vicksburg. This bit of knowledge did little to prepare me for my first visit to her house on Allen Street. I was amazed and overwhelmed by her front yard where seemingly every square inch was jam-packed with all manner of brightly painted items and artifacts, including a tall column of tires; numerous shoes and boots, of all styles and types, rising out of the ground on wooden stakes or attached to bushes with wire; children’s toys; old TV cabinets; a computer monitor; discarded fans and lamps; several rocking horses; and the head of Mr. T. Amidst all of these objects, beautiful roses, cannas and other flowers added their own colors to the dizzying visual feast. A hand-painted sign along the walkway to her porch announced: “You are Welcome to Tour The Artist’s House.”


Spiritual Advisor to the World

"My series of color photographs entitled Spiritual Advisor to the World documents the spiritual and creative work of Reverend H.D. and Margaret Dennis, a self-proclaimed preacher/artist/architect and his wife in Vicksburg, Mississippi. This elderly couple devoted more than twenty years of their lives to converting Margaret’s Grocery Store into a one-of-a-kind, nondenominational church. Their elaborate transformation of Margaret’s Grocery resulted in the creation of a major site of American folk art and architecture."


Read more about Bruce West's photography here.  


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Columbus High School International Baccalaureate Art Exhibition

Please click the image above to learn more about the Columbus High School International Baccalaureate Art Exhibition. 


Ceramic Students of Mississippi University for Women

This show encompasses a variety of student and professor art work from the MUW ceramics program.  All of the work hosted in the gallery was made during the spring 2013 semester in our ceramics program by students ranging from intro level ceramics to advanced ceramics.  There are a variety of ceramics majors and non majors involved in the creation of work for this show.  


Please click the image above to learn more about the MUW ceramics exhibit. 


Market Street Festival Juried Art Show

Now accepting entries for 2013 Market Street Festival Juried Art Exhibit!
Competition is open to all artists over the age of 18 in the following media: painting/drawing, 3D Art (can include fiber arts) and photography.


Artists may enter up to three works per medium for a $40.00 fee 


First in each of 3 categories: $200

Second in each of 3 categories: $100

Best in show: $500

People's Choice: Refund of entry fee and People's Choice Ribbon

Artwork accepted will be on display at the Rosenzweig Arts Center Gallery during the 2013 Market Street Festival to take place May 3-4, 2013  and continue to show in the gallery through the month of May. 


Think of how many people will come through during the festival and see your work!Application must be postmarked by March 8, 2013


Congratulations to the 2013 Market Street Juried Art Exhibit Winners! 


Dylan Karges won best in show with his piece "Red Cedars." 1st place in Drawing/Painting was Kathie Baeuerlin with "Palms & Plants," 1st place in Photography was Caterina Mendolicchio with "Venetian Sunset - Venezia," and 1st place in 3D was Mary Jane Everett with "Pond Drain." Come on by the Columbus Arts Council at the Rosenzweig Arts Center to see the Market Street Exhibition and vote on your favorite piece for People's Choice. 


Please click here to learn more about the 2013 Market Street Exhibit. 


Fiber Arts Showcase

Please click the image above to learn more about our first ever Fiber Arts exhibit. 



Robin Whitfield

Robin Whitfield spends her time exploring the forests, rivers and swamps near her home in Grenada, MS. She works on location with watercolors focused on the seasonal conditions, plants, and animals of specific places. The surface of swamp water, the layered banks of rivers, and the seasonal offerings of field and forest also leave their marks, shapes, and colors directly on her paper. These experiments are leading her into new directions.


Robin studied painting at Delta State University where she was exposed to working in the field as a way to sharpen her senses and create a dialogue with nature. She also works for Communities In Schools of Greenwood Leflore Inc. as a Core Arts teaching artist in the public schools and project director of Gallery 208 - the showcase of CIS student work in Greenwood.


Learn more about Robin and her work here


Please click here to learn more about Robin's exhibit. 


Joe MacGown

Joe MacGown is a self-taught artist originally from Maine, but now living in Starkville, MS. In addition to being an artist, he has worked at the Mississippi Entomological Museum at Mississippi State University as a research technician/scientific illustrator since 1988.


Throughout his lifetime, MacGown has developed his own surrealistic drawing style, which he refers to as “Neogothic Surrealism” or “Subconscious Meandering.” He expresses his unique and often strange visions in very detailed pen drawings and colored mixed media works.


MacGown’s artwork has been shown in various international exhibitions in Canada, Amsterdam, Great Britain, France, Italy, Russia, and in the US in Chicago, Memphis, and numerous locations in Mississippi. Additionally, his art has been published in international books, magazines, scientific journals newspapers, blogs, and other media sources.  View more of his art at http://joemacgown.com


Please click here to learn more about Joe MacGown's exhibit. 


Tom Cochran (Cochran Art Limited)

Thomas L. (Tom) Cochran (1938-2006) was a multi-faceted artist.  Experts considered him a master of watercolor; he was also a sculptor, woodcarver, and designer.

His resume included commissioned sculpted bronze busts of Senator Robert Kerr of Oklahoma and the late Lt. Governor Carroll Gartin of Mississippi.

During his lifetime, Tom had one-man art shows at the following Jackson, MS, metro area venues:  main office of Deposit Guaranty Bank (now Regions Bank); Jackson Municipal Art Gallery; Artist Mississippi Gallery; Chateau Ridgeland Retirement Home; Mississippi State Law Library; and Eudora Welty Library.




Please click the image to the left to learn more about the Cochran Art Limited exhibit. 


Kennith Humphryes

Title: Sunday Evening On Valley Street Playground

Kennith currently resides in Vicksburg, Mississippi, the town of his birth.  But in his thirty something years, he has lived in New York, St. Louis, Denver, Mobile, and Baton Rouge working along the way as a carpenter, shingler for Sears, electronic technician, tower climber, and landscaper.  His journey as an artist began at home in Vicksburg, Mississippi.


"My whole family is very creative," Kennith says.  Among the art that hung on the walls of his childhood home was a painting by an uncle, which made the idea of being an artist realistic and attainable.  Outside the home, he did not find as much enthusiasm for his dream.  He feels he was held back in grammar school because he was much more interested in drawing and painting than the more mundane lessons his teachers had to offer.  As he aged, his passion continued for art rather than studies.


Describing himself as a self-taught artist, he found a mentor in his half brother, the late William Tolliver, a successful artist.  "He showed me a lot of things about painting."


The subject matter of most of Kennith's oils on canvas and pastel/acrylics on paper are African-American figures involved in the activities of daily life working, loving, playing music, and just living.  But the people depicted are not ordinary in appearance.  Stylized, sometimes cubist, the way they embody the emotion of their activity elevates them to iconic or mythic proportions.  "What I paint depends on my emotions that day.”


Please click the image to learn more about Kennith's exhibit. 

November & December


Our ARTfordable show is comprised of artwork from local area artsits that is priced at $100 or less. This artwork makes for great holiday gifts and supports both your local arts council as well as local artists. 



During December, we also exhibited the MUW Young Alum Art Exhibition. 


Please click the image below to learn more about the ARTfordable exhibit as well as the MUW alum exhibiton. 

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