Nico DeBarmore

Miles Across America - Scenes from the American West and South

Brice Canyon Sunrise by Nico DeBarmore

Nico draws from a wide variety of experiences to create compelling photography. His passion for traveling and the outdoors has led him into challenging situations around the world and in a variety of cultures – from documenting the behavior of endangered mountain gorillas in the Congo to balancing precariously above the terraced hillsides of Machu Picchu for the perfect sweeping panoramic image – he does what it takes to get the shot. His experiences and successes interacting with cultures varying from Serbian to Brazilian and Cambodian to Tanzanian provide a strong foundation and understanding for communication beyond the realm of language.
“My passion for photography has brought me to many out-of-the-way places and introduced me to quite a few interesting individuals. Challenging situations often arise, from language barriers to atmospheric light, to precarious shooting locations. Experiencing the combinations of these factors has allowed me to creatively thrive in many locations around the world, and has built my tenacity and patience for capturing a scene at its highest potential. The camera is a tool that allows me to relate to a place or a person through an experience - the photograph is the result of that experience. I present my work in hopes that it will kindle thoughts, curiosity, adventure, and awareness for all."

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