June Gallery Exhibition


About Emmie

Emmie Sherertz was born and raised in Northwest Alabama. She attributes her experiences with southern beautician rituals as influential in her current work. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Auburn University. At Auburn, her involvement with her sorority further developed her interest in the female body and habits that encourage the notion of beauty.  

Emmie took a brief hiatus before graduate school and spent her time further exploring the notion of beauty and what influences this notion. Emmie believes we see our self through the lens of others and this unavoidable idea should be acknowledged. However, Emmie enjoys investigating opportunities that encourage commonality. 

During her time at the University of Alabama, Emmie received a Master of Arts. She explored many different mediums including wax, plastic, ceramic, and paint. She had the opportunity to construct large interior abstract installations. The installations, or “forms” as she calls them, were her attempt to describe commonality through the interior visceral self.

After graduation, Emmie spend four years in Northern California. She took this time to diversify her encounters with women of all ages and ethnicities.  Continuing with her interest in the female body, Emmie began to create blind contour images that were drawn from the live nude model. Emmie wanted to capture the movement of the body and not focus on a preconceived notion of what the body should look like. 

Currently Emmie lives and works in Columbus MS where she teaches art at the Columbus Arts Council. Emmie continues to be interested in the female form. She credits giving birth to her children with allowing her to have a more intimate knowledge of the body, its capabilities and stereotypes that describe the body. Emmie will continue to use two- dimensional and three-dimensional works to challenge the notion of beauty.


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