Elena Stanley

Artist Bio

Having been raised by artists, Elena Stanley has the desire to create running through her veins. At a young age, Elena and her brother would make copies of Picasso's work. Both Elena's mother and father giving guidance, critique, and motivation along the way.

As any respectable teenager would, Elena ran full-fledged in the opposite direction pursuing a degree in psychology and human development, only to be left feeling incomplete and unfulfilled. 

After encountering the turbulence of life and divine intervention, Elena now finds herself running full force back to the arts. Her work aims to capture and honor human life. She intends to remove all attention from herself and redirect that interest to the people she paints.

Every brushstroke, composition, light and form aims to demand love for the individual being painted. If Elena could do one thing through her work, it would be to capture God’s original intent on an individual’s life. She works to paint past shame, fear, and anxiety to capture the raw beauty within a personality. It is Elena’s highest honor to have you fall in love with the subjects of her study. 


Artist Statement

In an age of constant striving, people are begging to be seen. My goal as an artist is to love people by seeing them fully. Listening, hearing, and honoring an individual is the formula for each painting. The skin that encapsulates each unique character keeps me coming back to the canvas. I know I have successfully captured an individual when the viewer falls in love with the person inside the painting. I will forever be a student in full pursuit of having you fall in love with each individual puzzle piece of humanity.


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