Main Gallery Exhibit

October 2021 Main Gallery Exhibit


Visual artist Tony Brock began drawing around the time he learned to walk. His early influences were comics, then movies, then music and recently, other artists. He’s been painting for several years and his work has been exhibited in Tuscaloosa’s Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center, Montevallo Art Gallery, Ebsco Fine Art Gallery in Shelby County, the Kentuck Gallery in Northport, and the Octane Gallery in Nashville. He’s also exhibited in several art festivals in the south, including Kentuck Festival of the Arts, Birmingham’s Moss Rock festival, Birmingham Artwalk, Hub-Fest in Hattiesburg, MS, Tomato Arts Fest in Nashville, TN and HandleyFest in Fort Worth, TX. He has organized and curated several themed group art shows in Tuscaloosa, bringing together over a dozen artists at each event. In 2015, he won the prestigious Visual Artist/Craftsman Druid Arts Award. Tony has worked full-time for over 20 years as an award-winning art director for Randall-Reilly and lives in Tuscaloosa with his wife, Tina and their son Matthew.

If you see a piece you'd like to purchase, stop by or call us at 662.328.2787.


Alabama born and raised, Taylor Hollingsworth has made a name for himself across the globe as an innovative guitarist and songwriter. Following the birth of his daughter in 2012, he needed a quiet artistic release. For nearly ten years now, he has been honing his craft as a mixed media artist, recycling and re-using anything from bottlecaps to pieces of electronics. He describes his process of throwing paint and constructing a new form like connecting stars in a constellation or a Rorschach test-like experience which he then completes.

If you see a piece you'd like to purchase, stop by or call us at 662.328.2787.